Lately, I see a prevalence of marketing material being mailed to me offering to sell my home.  One such mailer offers something "new and innovative".  Another calls it  "advantage".  What is it?   The program is simply an "exclusive listing"  or in simpler terms a "pocket listing".  Nothing new about that.  It means:   you list with us, and we will also sell it ourselves off the MLS.  They usually offer a serious discount if using one of their own agents to both list and sell the home.  While the savings of 1.5-2% on a 2 million dollar home may seem attractive ($30-40,000K) sounds good, right?  There are problems with this business model:  1st:  it effectively shuts out free market sales prices which could take the sales price well beyond the 30-40K savings.  Today in Silicon Valley, in multiple offer situations, we are seeing offers SIGNIFICANTLY above asking.  My last two sales in Sunnyvale received 175K and 220K above asking.  So by going this pocket listing route, you may not be receiving fair market value on your home.  2nd:  My experience is when I am approached by a buyer on one of my own listings, usually the buyer is looking to strike a bargain, and predictably would be the lowest offer in the multiple offer situation.   So Buyers looking to do this, are typically bargain hunters and won't pay fair market value.  3rd  Conflict of interest in a dual agency.  Conflict between Buyer/Seller or Seller/Agent or Buyer/Agent.   While there are legitimate reasons why a seller may want to sell "off market", Sellers should be aware of the potential pitfalls of going this route.