Does it matter who you hire?  Absolutely!!  Most people have never sold a house before, so naturally it isn't something most people would know how to do.  Most of the time, it is based on personality, appearance, or perceived reputation.  When in fact it should be based on how well is this person positioned to sell MY home.  Is this person new to the business, and not yet qualified to handle my most important asset (common mistakes are transactional errors, sq.ftge. misquotes, incorrectly documented or incomplete disclosures, disclosing confidential sales info of the sellers before closing), not knowing how to handle certain situations and having it escalate, or miscalculation on pricing and the house doesn't sell.  If it doesn't sell, you then "chase down the market", having to price reduce because of accumulated days on market and new inventory.  Is this person #1 in your marketplace (LOL-everybody claims to be #1).  Often times, this is NOT your best choice.  Why?  Because if they have so many listings, they cannot possibly devote enough time to each of their listings to ensure YOU get the top price for your home.  #1 producers are usually teams of people, meaning their sales results are often a shared result with the others on the team.  We at Benson Real Estate  are neither new or #1.  We are agents who specialize in getting YOU our customer the very best price for your home.  Optimal pricing, condition, timing, and negotiations are what will bring about your best price of your most valuable asset.  Use these core ideas in looking for your Realtor, and always a good idea to interview more than 1 agent for the job of selling your home.  And of course, consider giving us a call to help you!