We were one of the original Realtors who pioneered doing home makeovers in the the mid 1980's as a way of helping our clients achieve their top value in any market.  Many have followed us, but none do it in the efficient, timely and professional way that we do.  Some key points:

* It was true in 1986 and holds true now:  your best price is always achieved if you make the home look its best (cheap to do).

*The mini makeover is cost effective, and a great return on the investment.  We won't do anything to a home if you don't want it or we can't see good return.  Whether it is fixed up or not, all our homes are sold as-is.  

*You don't need to rip out a kitchen or bath unnecessarily.  Don't be convinced that you need to spend a ton of money to sell your home.  It is not necessary in most cases.

*Landscaping is one of the most expensive upgrades, yet yards can be brought back to life at a fraction of the cost.

* Much can be achieved with very little.  Pay attention to the small details makes a huge difference in the way a home will look.  We have many different ideas we'd love to share with you.